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Jaag Re 

A collaboration with Qi-Rattan.

When creative friends ask you to collaborate on a music video, you can hardly find a reason to say 'no', especially if the friends are as talented as Qi-Rattan's amazing duo: Jagdeep and Amritpal.


In April, the team of JoChung-Creative Agency, under the direction of Raj Singh, flew across continents from UK to San Francisco to film me and my calligraphy. I had never before experienced being part of such a unique production (let alone acting) but the end result of this team's hard work has completely blown me away and convinced me to continue collaborating with talented friends around the world. 

I would love for all of you to enjoy and download the "Jaag Re" album by Qi-Rattan from their website or iTunes. Then, I would love for you to soak in the video and the amazing work done by JoChung's team especially the team of the three Singhs who flew out to San Francisco and became my friends for life! Thank you Raj (& Gurpreet), Gursimran, and Preetcharan :)

For the calligraphy of this shabad, I wanted to approach it with very fluid and calm strokes similar to the way the track made me feel. If you enjoyed my calligraphy inspired by Qi-Rattan's presentation of "Jaag Re", prints are available for purchase.

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