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Marble Garden

The first time someone lays their eyes on a beautiful marble inlay pattern, it is unlikely they can stop looking. This collection is based on the study of some of these marble inlay designs I have stared at and drooled over for hours. The careful shaping and placing of each element while keeping the filled as well as the negative space in balance required great skill and artistry on part of the marble inlay craftsmen. I title this collection the "Marble Garden" because whether these beautiful designs are far or near to us, their beauty, fragrance, and timelessness is felt by us no matter where we are in the world. 

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This piece contains five (punj) of my favorite birds: The peacock, parrot, swan, bulbul, and sparrow. Each bird and the florals around it form a garden or "baagh" that gives off a feeling of abundance and joy. I have always loved things in pairs so each bird occupies its own individual branch yet with a pair on the symmetrical opposite side.    


I think of this piece as the uniting of two whimsical and delicate trees while the meeting of two birds perching on symmetrical branches takes place. The bright green leaves are meant to give the piece an overall neon feel to take advantage of the simplicity of the forms. The curves in the branches leaning into each other further resound the emotion of longing and attraction.


Designed to look like a beautiful ornament worn on turbans, this piece is meant to adorn the most regal corners of walls and my heart. Meaning to give the piece a very full, lush, and lively feel, I have added sweet little blue birds to contrast with the pink berries on the tree. The two swans form the base of the piece to give completion to the entire design specific to a sarpech.

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