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Romance and Rebellion


Heer Ranjha

Heer Ranjha is one of the most famous folk stories of Punjab, and has often been likened to Romeo and Juliet, in that they are both tales of romance that end in tragedy, but could it be that Heer Ranjha is more than just popular folklore and a love story?


We have attempted to redefine this epic saga through exploring the importance of Heer, what she represents and what message Waris Shah intended for her character to convey. 

About Us

Grewal Twins is a creative and lifestyle blog  by Sukhman & Hernoor- identical twins born and raised in London, England. Their life is styled and shaped by their British- Sikh- Punjabi identity; all of which influences how they express themselves in their daily life and creative endeavours.


Rupy C. Tut is an Indian miniature painter and calligrapher, using centuries old art forms to explore themes of heritage, identity and displacement. 

Instagram: @artbyrupy

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